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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> cbs news this morning is"cbs this morning" is coming up next. hopefully frank will be back tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado go morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, april 9, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. a violent scene at a pennsylvania school. 20 students are hurt in a stabbing. investigators say new pings could soon lead to the malaysia jet. today, your world in 90 seconds. i'm now optimistic that we will find the aircraft in the not too distant future. >> new under water clues. >> an australian ship has picked
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up two more signals. >> multiple stabbings reported inside of a high school in pen. 20 victims heading to the hospital. >> the suspect in custody. >> school was in session. this happened in numerous classrooms and in the hallway. oscar pistorius being cross-examined. prosecutors showed a graphic image of reeva steenkamp's head wound. fbi trying to figure out if a series of highway shootings have been connected. uconn sweeps the women's final. >> see their faces when they walk off the floor. i don't usually get this emotional. this one got to me. >> students flipped over cars. one person was seriously injured. it seems eight-month-old prince george is making some
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friends. an icon of professional wrestling has died. james hellwig known as the ultimate warrior passed away tuesday. >> it's a point that's stupid i wish the cops would -- all that matters, fireworks between holder and gohmert. >> i realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it's important to our oversight. these shorts are giving me a wedgie. >> i'm sorry it's not working out for you. it's working out for me. captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs this morning. norah o'donnell is off. sharon al fons is with us. we begin with a story
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unfolding at a western pennsylvania high school. 20 people are injured following an attack with a knife. >> franklin regional high school is about 15 miles east of pittsburgh. a suspect a male student is in custody. trina from pittsburgh is at the scene. >> reporter: we are outside of franklin regional high school in murrysville, pennsylvania. this is half hour outside of pittsburgh. here's what we can tell you we have confirmed at this point. 20 victims. four students critically injured and flown to local hospitals here in the pittsburgh area. 16 others have suffered other types of injuries. some cuts. some scrapes. not clear how serious those other injuries are, but 20 students injured in all. students who were not injured have been moved to an elementary school here on the school campus to be reunited with their parents but at this point it's not clear how long that process would take. a suspect is in custody at this
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point and is being questioned by police. meanwhile, emergency management vehicles continue to arrive here on scene and we are expected to be briefed again by emergency officials later this morning. back to you. >> trina, thanks. new hope this morning in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. crews in the indian ocean detected two more under water signals. the sounds were picked up yesterday about 1,400 miles from perth australia. thr encouraging news authorities say. one person involved in the search says if they are looking for a needle in a haystack they believe they have found the haystack. >> the first of those two new signals detected by the ocean shield lasted for five minutes, 32 seconds. the second was held for seven
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minutes. they were weaker but should still help narrow the search zone. >> the more we use these beacon detections to reduce our area of search. >> dragging the pinger through the ocean is six times faster. to help pick up signals, planes are dropping especially fitted sonar buoys. today, authorities said two pings were detected on saturday afternoon and evening. the others on tuesday evening. data analyze reveals they are qift -- consistent with the flight data recorder. the ocean shield is working in depths up to 15,000 feet. investigators reveal the ocean floor is believed to be packed
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with silt likely tens of yards deep. >> the silt on the the bottom of the ocean can be very thick and things disappear into it and it makes a visual search under water very difficult. >> the ship's submersible operates at a walking pace so searchers are focus gs on detecting those pings. >> the battery life in the black box trans responder has a long way to go in our opinion, certainly several days into the future. >> authorities have reiterated that visual confirmation of any wreckage is needed before they can be certain that these pings are indeed connected to flight 370. we do know that authorities are starting to look ahead at some of the practical issues of getting passengers familiar family members to perth as this investigation continues. >> we'll take a closer look for the navy's plan of under water
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on cbs morning. this morning, toyota issued a massive recall ranging from steering to seats. second largest recall on its history. >> good morning. this is another setback for the auto maker as it continues to real estate pair its image after problems with unintended ak seg rags of vehicles. 1.3 million recalled in the u.s. >> the world's largest car maker, toyota announced defects or monday than 6 million of its vehicles today with five different safety hazards it is one of the biggest recalls in automotive history. it's in 27 toyota models including the highlander
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matrix, and rave 4. some models affected could have more than one detective. one is a faulty module cable. other recalls on the list include replacing faulty driver seat rails that hold a passenger in place and damaged steering columns that can loosen when the wheel is turned. this isn't the first time that vehicles have been linked to safety issues. the announcement comes less than a month agreed to a $1.2 billion settlement with the justice department in connection to how it handled problems to acceleration. >> toyota is in that position because it cared more about its own brand than bottom line and truth. >> since then, the company aagreed to be monitored by a third party to improve its
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safety reporting process. it's unclear if the recent recalls are related, but analysts expect the problems could cost the company close to $600 million to fix. the company has publicly apologized for the inconvenience. toyota says they are not aware of any injuries at this time but they are currently preparing a remedy for the condition. the company says once they have completed the fix for the problem, they will notify owners and vehicles will be repaired free of charge. we posted all of these specific models affected by this recall on our website, cbs this morning,.com. oscar pistorius is being cross-examined by the chief prosecutor. he cried yesterday while describing how he shot his girlfriend. pistorius is answering some tough questions this morning. good morning deborah. >>. >> reporter: good morning.
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well oscar pistorius's break down on the stand yesterday currently had no effect on the prosecutor. he went straight for the jugular. >> i've made a terrible mistake and -- >> you made a mistake? >> that's correct. >> you killed a person that's what you did isn't it? >> i made a mistake. >> you killed reeva steenkamp s that's what you did. >> i made a mistake. >> what was your mistake? >> my mistake is that i took reeva's life. >> you killed her, you shot and killed her? won't you take responsibility for that? >> i did, my lady. >> say yes. i shot and killed reeva steenkamp? >> i did my lady. >> but it only got harder for pistorius. they have now introduced footage for at a shooting range. he laughingly shot at a
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watermelon. this is exactly what you did to reeva steenkamp while he forced pistorius to look at a photograph of his girlfriend's shattered skull. >> it's time to look at it. take responsibility for what you've done mr. pistorius. >> i take responsibility. waiting on my time on the stand to tell my story for the respect of reeva. i've taken responsibility i will not look at a picture where i'm tormented. i remember. i don't have to look at a picture. i was there. >> reporter: court then had to adjourn to allow pistorius time to compose himself and all this in the opening round of the cross-examination. >> debra, thank. ukrainian officials are moving this morning to end russia
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upridings in ukraine. most of the demonstrators are refusing to leave. >> good morning. ukraine's interior minister has issued an ultimatum to those protesters saying that the stand-off will be resolved in the next 48 hours either through negotiations or by force. >> in the city of donetsk, pro russian demsers seem to be digging in. ukrainian security forces yesterday managed to retake control of a government building. detaping some 70 people in the operation. dem demonstrators have beefed up barricades where they remain holed up. as the stand-off in eastern ukraine continues, the
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diplomatic war of words has escalated. yesterday, secretary of state john kerry accused the russians of deliberately provoking the situation. >> no one is fooled by what potentially contrived pretext for military intervention just as we saw in crimea. it is clear russian forces have been the catalyst behind the chaos over the last 24 hours. >> russia fired back 150 americans with the private security gray stone were involved in operations in eastern ukraine, disguised as soldiers. >> the u.s. embassy has called the gray stone allegation another piece of fiction. secretary kerry is scheduled to meet in next week in an effort to defuse the situation. >> the issues in ukraine led to a clash on capitol hill.
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republicanen john mccain told secretary kerry yesterday that foreign policy in ukraine is failing very badly. >> my hero teddy roosevelt used to say is talk softly and carry a big stick but you are doing the opposite. >> telling his former senate colleague is that diplomacy is better than war. >> your friend also said credit belongs in the arena who are trying to get things done and we're trying to get something done. that's a teddy roosevelt maxism and i abide by it. >> the senate foreign relations hearing was supposed to focus on the state department budget. >> there has been a shake up in secret service. agents are being reassigned.
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spokesman some of the changes are scheduled rotations, also agents assign to that elite unit are now prohibited from drinking 12 hours before a shift or 24 hours before the president arrives. the ceos of time warner and comcast are on capitol hill regarding their megamerger. >> reporter: the hearing has just gotten under way, i think you can expect to see some fireworks today. some of the senators are going to argue this is a bad idea and bad deal for consumers. the company, this is the number one and two cable operators in the country. they are going to say this will increase competition and that is a good thing for consumers. >> it would be a $45.2 billion merger between two media giants. they could face their toughest audience when they both make
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their statements before congress. >> it could increase costs for consumers. if the merger goes through, the new company would serve 30% of the nation's cable subscribers and 40% of all high speed internet users. >> to me that's too much power. >> democratic senator al franken is a leading critic. >> i believe it will hurt competition and cost consumers more they will get less choice and worst service. >> cable costs have raised over 30% in the last five years. in a filing tuesday, the companies said the deal will improve customer experience. they argue they are not direct competitors and serve different geographic areas of the nationwide cable market.
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the company's also say cable isn't the only competitor in the market. with competitors such as netflix and google. but public interest groups aren't buying that argument. >> they will give you better quality and in a certain sense, in a short term they will make it easier for you to do some stuff. but if they kill the competition, the consumers will go. >> now, the senate can't block this deal. that's up to the federal communications commission. it has six months to decide. most of the experts think it will go through about though there may be some conditions placed on it. charlie. >> thank you very much. i'm going to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" says 2012 medicare paid doctors more.
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one florida cardiologist received $18,000 in payments mainly for putting in stints. >> experts say heart bleed could compromise the personal information of web users. the problem went undetected for more than two years. experts say users should change their passwords. >> the alaska dispatch says a small commercial plane crashed last night outside of bethel alaska. authorize say only two pilots were on board. so far, no survivors have been located. >> the kansas city star said some of the shootings on area highways are connected. three drivers have been wounded in shootings for 13 months. and usa today remembers the ultimate warrior. the wwe says the champion wrestler whose name is james hellwig was died at age 54.
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he was recently inducted into the hall of fame and appeared at wrestlemania last weekend. iowa university annual celebration turned violent overnight. one student was hit by a light pole. he was in serious condition. police were pelted with rocks and cans. the university of connecticut are celebrating double championships. it is the record-setting 9th national championship for the uconn women. uconn beat kentucky for the men's title sea breeze is back. the fog is returned, as well. and it's pretty thick in spots this morning especially toward the coastlines and the valleys.
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it's pushing onshore. that sea breeze will help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area especially along the coastline. and it looks like just inside the bay. still, the temperatures this afternoon running above average inland up in the 80s there. 70s a few 80s inside the bay and 60s and cloudy toward the coastline. cooler temperatures expected thursday and friday and at least the first part of the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nationwide insurance.
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. e driver involved in a deadly hit and run. a man was hit and killed at east c it's 7:26. san jose police are looking forth driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. a man was hit and killed at east capitol expressway and seven trees boulevard this morning. police have not given a description of the vehicle. hayward police make an arrest nearly two months after a deadly stabbing. officers found 19-year-old roger pacheco hiding in a closet last night. police say he stabbed a man behind a bar around valentine's day. >> batkid returns to san francisco to throw out the first pitch at the giants home opener. miles scott gained worldwide attention for saving san francisco back in november. as for the game, the giants beat the diamondbacks. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. checking the roads in alameda. otis drive is closed after an accident involving a pedestrian. otis drive park street want to avoid the area. here's a live look also in the east bay 880 the nimitz freeway. once you hospital on nimitz freeway it's quiet smooth sailing between hayward and your downtown oakland exits. at the bay bridge sadly you are stacked up well into the macarthur maze. 580 slow approach, as well. the sea breeze kicked in more clouds around the bay area today and pushing onshore. looking good toward mount diablo. just a few high clouds but the low clouds and fog moving in even some drizzle near the coastline this afternoon fog camping out toward the coastline. 60s and 70s there. 80s elsewhere. cooler weather on the way through saturday.
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city, oklahoma, was making a routine traffic stop when a distracted driver crashed into his car. the driver was fined for texting while driving. the driver who was pulled over suffered minor injuries. the police officer is okay. ob that took hostages at the american embassy in 1979. and "the tonight show" moved from southern california to new york city this year. now l.a. is looking for revenge, trying to bring the late show to the west coast after david letterman leaves. ahead, how the battle is
7:31 am
unfolding. the search for missing malaysian airline jet is back in high gear this morning and an australian ship is trying to pinpoint two new signals in the indian ocean. they say the pings could be from airliner black boxes. the new search has cost more than $44 million. it's said to become the most expensive recovery in history. elaine quijano gets a closer look at one of the nayvynavy's best good morning. >> good morning. it's call and underwater awe on the news vehicle. it's gone to places no one has pseen before. in quincy massachusetts, near the city's historic shipyard, one of the world's most innovative daepsea explorers is being put to the test.
7:32 am
called the bluefin-21 it can go to some of the most inhospitable places on the planet. >> the temperature is slightly above freezing pitch black. it's the equivalent of having a cadillac escalade balanced on your thumbnail. >> we swenlt senlt one of our marine operations engineers to support them. >> reporter: one of the bluefin submersibles opened by a navy defense contractor is now owned by soegs shield in the southern indian ocean. now that a signal has been received the torpedo-like craft will be put to work. it will scour an area the size of texas at a rate of 40 square miles each day. >> it's like a lawn mower pattern. it's like mowing the lawn at your house. >> on each action they use temperature scanner to scan the floor of the ocean. it resurfaces every 24 hours.
7:33 am
>> sound refracts objects. >> reporter: he runs bluefin's marine observations. >> what are they looking for? >> objects that stand off the seabed. you're looking for manmade features patterns collections of things things that stand out. >> reporter: only when those out of place-things are discovered will the bluefin return to take a more details sur faye in the area. researchers say the deployment of the bluefin can best be viewed as a starting point. >> part of the challenge with this type of operation is just being able to stay the course and with stand the amount of time it takes to do the search. >> the bluefin-21 will only d deployed when they have narrowed down a searchable area or they have disappeared completely. >> all right, elaine. thank you. u.n. negotiators are figuring another round of talks in
7:34 am
havana. congress is now getting involved. margaret brennan is there. good morning. >> good morning wchl those intense nuclear talks under way, u.s. diplomats are troubled by tehran's decision to send a former student to a hostage crisis here in the u.s. to be the next u.n. ambassador. after all it was that crisis that lead to the cut off of it 35 years ago. he was a member of the student group that led 1979 seizure of the u.s. embassy in iran. 52 americans were held hostage for 444 days. may now move to new york to become iran's representative at the united naeks ts the white house said on tuesday that he is not welcome.
7:35 am
>> it's extremely troubling. the u.s. foft has informed the government of iran that this is not viable. >> reporter: he defended him saying he's well qualified and played just a small role during the hostage crisis as an interpreter. the u.s. is obligated to admit chosen representatives to work there? >> this is not a moment for diplomatic niceties. >> reporter: for those who were taken hostage, the nomination has reopened old wounds. >> what sort of credibility would he have if he were here? his past would make so much noise it would get in the way of his present. >> reporter: he was there at the u.s. embassy in iran when it was overrun. for nine of the 14 months he was in solitaire confinement.
7:36 am
this nomination is a mistake. >> you have to ask the question. what were they thinking about. was this a deliberate insult or sum employ on live usness on their part where they could not understand the reaction that such an appointment would evoke here in the united states. >> reporter: this number nation is being viewed as a serious misstep. and why it would be a dif employee mattic faux pas to regent it. it's less tehran and washington looking for a
7:37 am
of commitment to your family. >> here's cbs news political director john dickerson. what will it do to the party and the impact? >> let's start with where it's come from. the people i talked with like thad he was the governor with executive speerns. he has a relationship with hispanic voters. that's a crucial voting bloc republicans will have to figure how to appeal to. some of of these people are backers of chris christie the so-called establishment of the republican party. what they say p is they don't --
7:38 am
>> there's also this question about the immigration thing. "the wall street journal" says for one who has lost they seem eager to ban in them from their candidate rights. that's from "the wall street journal." >> right. this is the problem or the challenge or perhaps the opportunity of a bush campaign. if you look at it he touched on three hot button issues. they don't want to talk about it in this election droep. wish is part of that hot button's en. he said he would consider tax cuts if it was part of a big budget deal that included a lot of spending reductions. he said that's prove i'm not running for anything because
7:39 am
they're a big-hot button. if he ran, there would be those big tension. not only is there the potential for bush fatigue. it's something the republicans still talk about 20 iansafter it hatched. >> thanks, joining. >> thanks jots. the late show will need a new home but loss ash jealous says howen a new home. that's next on "cbs this morning.." >> ladynd and gentlemens. some good news. over 220,000 superiors created last momtd and that doesn't count this one.
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the history of late night television is a tale of two cities, new york and los angeles. that rivalry is starting to turn into a civil war of east versus west. ben tracy looks at the other big chains that could be coming to late night. >> the network has been great but i'm retiring. >> reporter: with those simple words last week david letterman, the soon-to-be former host of the late show sparked a battle between folks who say -- ♪ i love l.a. ♪ >> -- and those who say they can't stop spreading the news about the city. it all started when jimmy fallon decided to move nbc's tonight show from southern california, its home of 42 years, to new york where cbs's late show has been based since 1993. almost immediately los angeles mayor eric garcetti started lobbying for the late show to head west. >> we've loved having the
7:45 am
tonight show up until recently and los angeles can produce the best shows at the best cost and we want to make sure people can see that. >> on tuesday mayor de blasio through a counterpunch speaking with les moonvez. >> i emphasize the late show will be a good fit nr new york. ing. >> i said i'm retiring and there was a pause and he said who is this? >> reporter: but for new york and los angeles, the late show's future home is no laughing matter. >> for a city to land a show like this would be a big emotional and financial boost. the fact is these shows generate jobs. these shows do a tremendous daily promotion. >> reporter: though we don't know where the late show will
7:46 am
land, he knows where he'll be in 2015. >> in a year from now i'll be on the beach with a metal detector. for "cbs this morning," i'll be a host. >> where do they want to be right. >> where do they want to be. >> and the people being mentioned as possibilities come from both coasts. >> theet right. >> i'd like to see tina fey, let's say it. >> haven't talked to tina or les moonvez moonvez. >> wouldn't that sea breeze is back. the fog is returned, as well. and it's pretty thick in spots this morning especially toward the coastlines and the valleys. it's pushing onshore. that sea breeze will help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area especially along the coastline and it looks like just inside the bay. still, the temperatures this afternoon running above average inland up in the 80s there. 70s a few 80s inside the bay and 60s and cloudy toward the
7:47 am
coastline. cooler temperatures expected thursday and friday and at least the first part of the weekend. this is not your average play date. little prince george meets some of his future subject this morning in new zealand. ahead the latest on the royal tour. and tomorrow on "cbs this morning" -- >> reporter: i'm maurk strassman on a freight train in georgia. silicon technology is riding the rails with millions in cost-savings for this legacy railroad. that story coming up tomorrow on "cbs this morning."
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. warship is expected to arrive in san diego good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a sick infant aboard a navy warship is expected to arrive in san diego for medical help today. the california air national guard and u.s. navy rescued the 1-year-old and her family from a disabled sailboat 1,000 miles off baja, california, last week. san jose police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. a man was hit and killed at east capitol expressway and seven trees boulevard early this morning. police have not given a description of the vehicle. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
all lanes of eastbound 92
7:58 am
are closed approaching 280. there's an overturned big rig and a large gravel spill in the area. they just issued a traffic alert. we still don't have an estimated time of opening. but again, expect big delays eastbound 92 near 280 where there was a lot of fog reported in that area earlier this morning. and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is stacked up into the macarthur maze 20 minutes to get you on the bridge. here's lawrence. a lot of clouds showing up around the bay area today as the fog has swept back onshore. that sea breeze is kicked in and that's our natural air- conditioning. looks like it will bring with it cooler temperatures around the bay area. trying to break up though over the bay right now. it will take some time to do so. clouds even a few high clouds drifting overhead. some drizzle near the coastline today. by the afternoon lots of sunshine 80s inland 70s and low 80s inside the bay and some 60s still cloudy toward the coastline. next few days more clouds on the way and some cooler temperatures. right through the first part of the weekend, cooler temperatures. it looks like like fair weather right through the beginning of next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, april 9, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a multiple stabbing at a pennsylvania high school. but first here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. 20 victims four students critically injured and a suspect is being questioned. >> a story unfding in a western pennsylvania high school. 20 people are injured following an attack with a knife. if they are look inging for a needle in a haystack, they believe they have found the haystack. another setback for the automaker as it tips to repair
8:01 am
image after unintended acceleration of vehicles 2009. >> reporter: oscar pistorius' break down has no effect on the prosecutor who went straight for the vug lar. >> you killed reeva steenkamp. >> i think you can expect to see some fireworks. senators will argue this is a bad idea, a bad deal for consumers. university of connecticut celebrating a double championship men's and women's basketball teams are top dog. "the late show" will need a new home. >> cbs vpice president of programming east coast. re last week when you said it's time to move on? >> yes, i was just talking about that. >> is there any chance we can get that in writing? >> this morning's "eye opener" at 8 is presented by panera bread. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and sharyn alfonsi. norah o'donnell is off. 20 students at a pennsylvania high school were injured in a knife attack. police and paramedics are on the
8:02 am
scene at franklin regional high east of pittsburgh. >> a fellow student has been taken into custody, three of the injured were rushed to surgery at the a pittsburgh hospital. officials there say some of the wounds are life threatening. police are not yet saying what led to this attack. there's new hunt in the hunt for malaysia airlines flight 370. searchers in the indian ocean narrowing their focus after haeg two more underwater signals. an australian ship picked up the signals yesterday. they're in the same area where two signals were heard over the weekend. and analysis found those are consistent with the plane's flight data recorder. it was a dramatic morning at the oscar pistorius murder trial. prosecutors challenged the olympic athlete's story showing old footage of pistorius shooting a watermelon at a firing range. miss pistorius is heard saying the melon is a lot softer than a brain and the gun's power was like a zombie stopper.
8:03 am
the chief prosecutor asked the defendant to look at a foephoto of his girlfriend's head after she was shot. >> i know you don't want to because you don't want to take responsibility but it's time that you look at it. take responsibility for what you've done, mr. pistorius. >> i already have. i've taken responsibility by me waiting -- not wanting to live my life but waiting for my time on the stand to tell my story for the respect of reeva and myself. i have taken responsibility but i will not take a look at a picture of what i saw and felt that night. my fingers touched her head. i remember. i don't have to look at a picture. i was there. >> the prosecutor also pointed out inconsistencies in pistorius' version of the events leading to the shooting. the senate begins debate on the paycheck fairness act. the bill is meant to protect women from retaliation if they talk about their salary with co-workers co-workers. yesterday president obama signed an executive order allowing government contract workers to discuss pay and benefits.
8:04 am
deborah gillis is president and ceo and attended the white house event yesterday. her company works with other businesses to expand opportunities for women. welcome. you were in the room yesterday, when the signing took place. >> i was. >> why is transparency so important when it comes to salaries? >> if you know what your salary is and what your colleagues are making, then that gives women the information they need to negotiate and to ask to be paid fairly and equally to men. >> even the white house had to acknowledge that there's some discrepancy between salaries of men and women who work at the white house. are you surprised that this is still an issue in 2014 mock all businesses? >> i am surprised. i first looked at this issue as a high school senior and at that time the gender pay gap was 67 cents on the dollar. today it's 77 cents. 31 years later we've not made a lot of progress. so paying attention to this issue is really important. >> beyond paying attention, what else is necessary? >> well, the transparency that
8:05 am
we talked about becomes really important and the data. catalyst research has found that first job post-mba women earn $4,600 less a year than men. when employers are aware of it, then it gifts them the tools they need to actually change what's happening in their work place. >> deborah, i was shocked to see that more women are now staying home. what's that about? >> there's a couple of things that i think are happening there. one is if you look at the increase in the number of women staying home it's tied to the economic downturn. so more women are staying home because they can't find a job. the other is really a question about is work worth it? and it if women are not being paid fairly and equally, then families are going to make choices about who stays at home and who doesn't particularly when you take into account costs of daycare and other things. >> everyone i know is trying to make that equation. >> it seems to be important to make sure there is a clear understanding of the data that
8:06 am
suggests how much women contribute to economic growth and innovation. >> you're absolutely right charlie. this is an economic issue. if you close the gender pay gap for women, then what you have is more women with money to spend in the economy, and that's going to drive economic growth for all businesses and for the country as a whole. >> all right. thanks teb deborah, so interesting. prince george is on royal duty in new zealand. the 8-month-old future king visited with other toddlers his age. his parents, prince william and catherine were there, too. paul harrison of "sky news" is covering the royal tour. >> reporter: dressed in a pair of blue dungareens in the arms of mother kate, public engagements begins. a play date with ten other under 1s and their parents, a chance for both mom and dad and prince george to make friends. george may have put a smile on most faces since arriving in new
8:07 am
zealand, but this little girl was less than impressed with george's advances. an apologetic hand from kate failed to stem the tears. on to the next little girl in the room and annish. george had his eye on a toy. his strength unquestionable. his handling skills need a little more work. finally with a toy of his own, it was straight into the mouth for this teething tot. then george was unleashed on all fours for his fist public walk-about. dad, meanwhile, seemed happy to chat and leave kate to get down with the kids. prince george's first play date, his first public engagement. his first crawl about, whatever you want to call it, is all going on here behind the gates
8:08 am
of government house. just a handful of cameras be a one or two newspaper journalists only are allowed inside to record this moment the. just how significant these pictures are could be measured by the number of times similar footage has been used in recent years of another young prince. on the lawn of government house in 1983 this time this in auckland, prince william was introduced to the world. unfazed the teething 9-month-old endeared himself to the country forever having taken a liking to the now famous buzzing bee. he will hope new zealand warms to his son in equal measure. it seems he's off to a good start. paul harrison "sky news" for "cbs this morning" in new zealand. >> he did very well in his first crawl-about. >> i'm not as obsessed by royalty as many, but this is a great story. >> well, i'm one of the people
8:09 am
obsessed. i can't get enough. >> i love that he stole toys t. made me as a mom feel better about myself, that if he's stealing toys, mine are okay. >> the parents who got to play in the play the date can you imagine the decision that went into the outfits the their child was of going to wear. it was great. >> no pressure. >> great to see. president obama left washington on a trip to texas. he'll be in austin at the johnson presidential library marking the civil rights act of 1964. bill plante is in austin where former president carter spoke yesterday. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president carter was the first of four presidents who will be speaking at the lbj civil rights summit this week. president clinton takes the stage later today and he'll be followed by presidents bush and obama on thursday. this event commemorates 50 years since president johnson signed the civil rights act of 1964. landmark legislation that for the first time outlawed discrimination based on race,
8:10 am
ethnicity, religion or gender. but five decades later, racial equality is still a contentious issue. a new cbs poll out this morning shows about 6 in 10 americans say that race relations in the country are generally good. but a sizable majority of blacks and almost 50% of whites think that there will always be some form of discrimination. the lbj summit foecuses not just on race but also on gender, marriage equality, and equal pay in the work place. it ends with a keynote address from president obama who is perhaps the symbol of what the authors of the civil rights act hope to achieve. gayle?
8:11 am
one year after the boston marathon bombing a pair of survivors are trying not to think about it. >> i really would like to use the month of april as a symbol
8:12 am
of our wedding and not when we got blown up. >> they tell their story of recovery coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener@8" is sponsored by panera bread. as part of your service, we did a 27-point inspection on your chevy you got new tires and our price match guarantee. who's this little guy? that's birney. oh, i bet that cone gives him supersonic hearing. watch what you say around him. i've been talking a lot about his procedure... (whispering)
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for newlyweds rebekah and
8:16 am
pete dimartino, for better or worse wasn't just a wedding vow. worse happened a year ago when they were badly injured in the boston marathon bop boston marathon bombings. last week was so much better. they celebrated their dream wedding, which cost them nothing. we spoke to the dimartinos at their new home in houston where the couple remains boston strong. >> i remember it being gray and i couldn't breathe. i looked down, i couldn't see my legs. my bones were lying next to me on the sidewalk. >> rebekah dimartino's 6-year-old son was there too. >> he was screaming "mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over again. i could see him. i just couldn't get to him. i see his face in every nightmare that i have. that scared look that i could do absolutely nothing about. >> rebekah and her son had just arrived in boston to see her long-distance boyfriend pete and to watch pete's mom run the marathon.
8:17 am
when the first explosion went off, they were ten feet away. rebekah, pete, and noah were rushed to three different area hospitals. noaa was out in five days. but the couple's injuries were much more severe. >> i had a 90% achilles tendon tear in my right leg, multiple fractures in both of my feet, and shrapnel wounds pretty much from head to toe. >> reporter: after almost six weeks of treatment, pete was able to go home to new york. rebekah, who was eventually airlifted to a hospital in her hometown of houston, would spend a total of 56 days in treatment. >> recovery's been very tough. my leg was basically destroyed from my knee down. i had chunks taken out of it from the bomb. all of my bones were completely broken. i'm missing bones in my toes, my foot, and my leg. >> reporter: rebekah was in constant pain and says being 1,600 miles away from pete only made things worse.
8:18 am
>> one night she said, you know, i really just need you down here right now. i had just had eardrum reconstructive surgery so i couldn't fly, so that was kind of out of the question. the next morning i jumped in my car and i started driving, and it took me about three days and 1,700 miles later, iwas down here and i came down the stairs and, you know, just said, hi, hugged her, kissed her, got down on one knee and proposed. >> i was in complete shock, but i've never wanted anything more in my entire life. >> reporter: that wasn't the only surprise. after hearing about their proposal, wedding site decided to give the couple a dream wedding at the biltmore estate in north carolina. last week, rebekah, who has used crutches or a wheelchair for the past year, surprised everyone by walking down the aisle with her father and her son. >> pete, you may kiss your bride.
8:19 am
>> i can't tell you what the last year of having everyone with us has meant because we truly could not have gotten through it without you guys. >> reporter: after such a fairytale wedding, the next step is a rather grim one. >> everything's starting to be greener. >> reporter: doctors will soon amputate her leg, making her the 17th person to lose all or part of her limb due to the boston bombing. but like so many survivors, she says this injury will never define her. >> i feel like my leg is just a leg and it's not my life. i'm a mom to a 6-year-old and he needs me. hewants me to be able to play with him and do the normal things again, and if amputation is going to let me do that, then absolutely. i'm so ready. >> wow. >> i sure wouldn't feel that the worst is over for them, don't you?
8:20 am
the bombing happened a year ago and so many people have moved on but we know for many people your lives will never be the same. >> it's amazing. to get to the point you can walk down the aisle. she should be so proud of that in and of itself. >> a very strong woman. >> a beautiful couple, my goodness. most of us have to file tax returns by tuesday. jill schlesinger in the toyota green room. she says if you need help filing, be very careful who you ask. the wrong advice could cost you thousands of dollars. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ return to sender address unknown ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party city. nobody has more easter for less. hi. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate?
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she may be thinking why did i wait so long. this individual joe shows a 78-year-old dutch grandmother taking her first roll ler coster flight. she had to fly on an airplane also for the first time. i love her laugh. >> that's what you call unbridled joy. good for you, dutch grandma. >> good for her shoo she also said this was first time she had taken an airplane fliechlt she was more afraid of that. huegh hefner reports he used to be more of a nerd. >> reinvention is difficult. it means finding what you don't
8:25 am
like about you your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. san jose police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. a man was hit and killed at east capitol expressway on seven trees boulevard this morning. police have not given a description of the vehicle. hayward police make an arrest nearly two months after a deadly stabbing. officers found 19-year-old roger pacheco hiding in a closet last night. police say he stabbed a man behind a bar around valentine's day. batkid returns to san francisco to throw out the first pitch at the giants home opener. miles scott gained worldwide attention for saving san francisco back in november. as for the game, the giants beat the diamondbacks. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. the biggest problem is still in san mateo county. a traffic alert is in effect and it's causing major delays right now for both directions of highway 92. one-way traffic control is in effect around this overturned big rig. highway 92 it's happening near skyline again expect delays in both directions. outside we go and here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. 880 in oakland, it's just kind of a crawl now near the oakland coliseum in the northbound lanes. gets better once you get past the embarcadero exit. metering lights were turned on
8:28 am
about 2.5 hours ago and it's slow on all the approaches especially richmond into becker. traffic backs up into the macarthur maze. here's lawrence. >> we are in for quite the change in the weather today. the sea breeze kicked in and the fog has been pushing onshore. look at this out toward dublin. we have some thick fog that's settling in. look at the breeze in the flag there. the onshore breeze now is blowing instead of the offshore wind. we have seen it the last couple of days. that's going to change the weather. it will be cooler outside. we have seen drizzle at the coastline. i think the fog camped out at the coastline line this afternoon, 60s there. inside the bay we'll find a little more sunshine. about 74 in oakland. could still see maybe 81 degrees in san jose. and about 82 in the napa valley. next couple of days we have more fog on the way some much cooler temperatures through friday and possibly saturday, too. safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear.
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour hugh hefner says the first girl who broke his heart inspired him to build an empire. the founder of playboy tells that story to others in a birthday note to his younger self. and don't be fooled by brooklyn decker's name. she's a proud native of north carolina. this morning she's in our toyota green room and she'll talk about her new cbs comedy and why she was never a very good model. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's highlights. the "detroit free press" says nhtsa is fining general motors $7,000 a day. nhtsa said gm failed to meet
8:31 am
last week's deadlines about answering all questions on the massive recall. so far gm owes $28,000. this year stanford university rejected the most applicants. nearly 95%. harvard said no to 94%. yale, more than 93%. the upcoming issue of rolling stone features louis louis-dreyfus on the cover in the nude. she has the constitution on her back and she looks good. the magazine calls her the first lady of comedy. >> reporter: a very right reports flash buoy is close to becoming a move. they told a story to 60 minutes last month. they're buying rights to real live drama about high frequency trading. they report that the stock market is rigged. "usa today" has a study. the audit found 17 of 19 randomly selected preparers made
8:32 am
mistakes. the most common error, not reporting tips as income. the mistakes resulted in refunds that were smaller or bigger than they should have been. >> that gives you a lot to think about with tax day six days away and counting. millions of americans will be scrambling to file by the april 15th deadline. a senate hearing yesterday highlighted a growing problem. phoney tax repairers who target low income families. >> nearly 80 million americans pay for help preparing their tax return. most of those paid tax return preparers don't have to meet any standards. any standards. the absence of meaningful oversight of much of the tax preparer industry is harming too many citizens who can least afford it. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with us goochld morn zbhoogd morning. >> a lost people are surprised to hear the industry so loosely
8:33 am
regulated. >> it's amazing. in 2011 which is the last year we had information we had 140 million returns filed. 79 million had tax preparers. of the 79 million, over half were not licensed or regulated in any way and this is sort of mind-blowing because you think it's an important thing and these hearings really about are there some tax prepares who aren't licensed legislated or educated representing off people to grab thor and income tax credits and that's what we're talking about. >> how do low income people protect themselves? >> i think generally it's pest if you really are not going to do your own taxes that you go to a large institution, and one of the big ones you heard of. not these pop-up shops that show up days before tax season in the filing deadline. you have to be careful. you can ask somebody up front how much do you charge because part of this is about fee disclosure. a lot of these folks are getting paid based on the amount of tax return they get for you and
8:34 am
they're able to cut a deal where they go to the irs and say pay us out of the refund. you know what? we've got to be clear how we're paying for fees in all aspects of our financial life and i think taxes essentially. >> are they going to put regulations on it soon? >> it's very difficult. we saw the irr start to do this back in 2009. actually we had a federal court strike down the irs's decision to try to get some more regulation requiring some minimum education. and you know what? the federal court said, irs, you overstepped and you can't do that because really if i want gayle to file my tax returns. i should be entitled to do that. >> you wouldn't want to to that. i'm very bad at math. it's six days away. where do i start? >> don't forget for those really scrambling here, we want you to
8:35 am
efile, not paper file. you get a refund much quicker, within three weeks versus six to eight weeks. also remember, if you earn less than 58 grand, the irs has free software for you so you don't have to go to turbotax or anything else. it's there., a great resource. >> thank you, jill. great to see you. >> great to see you. playboy found that hugh hefner is 88 years old today. on his birthday he looks back on his life as a publisher, activist and lover of women. in our series "note to self." >> dear hurks it feels strange calling you hue, but you aren't known as hef yet, at least not yet. it is 1942 and you're 16 years old. i remember how energetic and creative you are.
8:36 am
you draw comic books, write short stories, and make your own horror movies. you are also madly in love with a girl named betty conklin. all these years later i can still see why. betty is beautiful and outgoing. she works at the soda fountain and playing the drums. the two of you even learned to jitterbug together. but today she is going to invite someone else to the hayride and break your heart worse than it's ever been broken before. you'll come out of this painted a different person literally. determined not to go through this again you will reinvent yourself. you'll wear cooler clothes and listen to frank sin a na. ♪ the summer wind h came blowing in ♪ >> you'll turn yourself into the sort of teenager you see at the movies you see at the month
8:37 am
claire school. the hippest most popular kid at school, the center of the party. hugh will be gone. from now on you'll call yourself hef and your life will change forever. what won't change is your strength. reinvention is difficult. it means finding what you don't like about yourself and having the courage to change it. this will never frighten you. ♪ >> after launching "playboy" magazine in 1953 you will change yourself again. you'll come out from behind the desk and become mr. playboy, the embodiment of the magazine you created. you'll even inspire those around you to reinvent themselves. the girl next door will become an international sex symbol through the pages of playboy. libraries, lawyers, and even
8:38 am
your own secretary will use playboy as a tool to reimagine themselves. millions of reersd will aders will aspire to read "playboy" and will challenge themselves about sex and sexuality and freedom and civil rights. i will warn yu now that not even wants to change. this is a lesson you will learn a number of times over the coming years. you will clash with authorities, politicians, religious groups rngs and teen u.s. post office. you'll throw yourself into the fight for women's rights and racial equality. ♪ love ♪ >> you'll battle for south african performers. ♪ give me the playboy in chicago ♪ >> to their first white audiences aet the playboy club and on your own tv show. yes, you'll have a tv show.
8:39 am
>> glad you could join us this evening. i'm hugh hefner if publisher and editor of "playboy" magazine and your host. >> there will be courtrooms and lawsuits, protests and debates. asking the world to change is hard, but don't worry. you'll be up to the fight and more importantly, you will prevail. >> i think that we are more apt to have a trulymonogamous society. >> over the years you'll become an activist a husband, a father, you'll change a number of times and that's good. through it all, women will remain your muse. you'll never stop seeing them as beautiful and mysterious. the imaginable beings that will inspire everything you do. you'll know many of them, many and you'll have your heart broken many times.
8:40 am
don't worry. you'll be okay. those that don't know you will label you a womanizer, but i know the truth. you're a hopeless romantic. a hopeless romantic today looking back at the amazing journey you're about to embark on and you are one right now thinking about betty conklin and a hayride that you won't go on. it's time for a change kid. you know you're up for it. >> in hop of "playboy's" 60th anniversary, they have released six vacuums called playboy. >> there's manufacture there's more to a guy who likes more than a woman's boobies although that's part of it but e it was about a broken heart. >> she was a brunette.
8:41 am
he's surrounded himself by blonds. >> hugh hefner who knew. on today, his 88th board. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday mr. hefner. from the cover of "sports illustrated," studio 57 brooklyn decker is here. she brought mom and dad too.
8:42 am
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:45 am
why is that? >> vegetarian. i like the smell of meat. >> you weren't a vegetarian before you met loule. you always do that. >> do what? >> change yourself when you date a boyfriend. >> name one time i did that. >> when you dated a canadian and started saying about. >> it's "friends with better lives." her character just got engaged and is having trouble adjusting. brooklyn decker joins us at the table. hi, brooklyn decker. >> good morning. >> i'm a little worried about your relationship already but i love the pressure of the show newly engaged couple newly married married, single -- >> i think as much as we hate to admit it all of us have those little moments of vin or question dog they have it better? maybe it's a best friend a neighbor, a co-worker but i think the grass always looks a
8:46 am
little greener. >> especially on facebook. if you look at somebody's life it looks like a perfect one. >> everything is more heightened and photoshopped. so i think it's very natural and normal to have those little moments of longing. >> would you say that you're doing what you want to do? listen, you were on thecover of "sports illustrated," va va voom. >> not just sport ss illustrate. the swim chute issue. >> i wish i earned my way as an athlete on the cover. >> you were voted hot, hot, hottest girl on the planet by spike tv but you said, listen i never thought i was such a great model anyway. >> i know that sounds crazy and people will be very angry when i say that. it sounds a little ungrateful but i was very lucky to have "sports illustrated" support me on in my career. truthfully i was fired from jobs regularly. i went months without --
8:47 am
>> what kind of job. who fired you. >> i know. i wish i could. it was -- >> was it by a baseline man? >> it happened often. it did. think the modeling industry has changed so much these women are incredible businesswomen. i think people love personalities. again, with social media they can see who these girls are but when i thought, it was not that long ago. in 2005 personality was kind of shunned. you talk too much no. so, yeah i would get fired a lot. i discovered acting. >> did you discover acting at unc? >> sorry. heard we have several duke fans this morning. >> mother of a dukey. and, of course -- we say, go heels, we get it. >> get it. your children would be very upset. >> we get it. >> did you discover acting
8:48 am
there? >> north carolina is a really incredible place to start acting and i did community theater at a small level. i remember the first role was not even rabbit in winnie the pooh. it was a sister of rabbit. it was pink rabbit i heard you owned it. >> i owned it thank you. i started studied. again, so much is luck and i stuck with it. >> luck. people don't get luck mrs. roddick if i can say that. >> there's an interesting thing about andy roddick. he changed your idea about body image? >> he did. he did. you know came from -- at a very young age i came from modeling and that can distort your idea of what the perfect body or what healthy looks like and being with an athlete, it's really incredible because athletes admire bodies for their capabilities, how strong they
8:49 am
are, how they persevere and it's not about how they look. being with an athlete reminds me it's about being yo your best strongest self. >> not only that when your show debuted andy said proud husband moment on twitter which is nice. you said i'm jelly of baby blue. you show a picture of peabeyonce and jay-z. >> they said they've got nothing on you and they pose. >> should by wearing flannel? >> you should be. thank you very much. you can watch friends with better lives
8:50 am
8:51 am
anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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sharyn, thanks for joining us. please come back soon.
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a sick infant aboard a navy warship is expected to arrive in san diego for medical help nia air it's 8:55. time for news headlines. a sick infant aboard a navy warship is expected to arrive in san diego for medical help today. the california air national guard and u.s. navy rescued the 1-year-old and her family from a disabled sailboat 1,000 miles off baja, california last week. san jose police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. a man was hit and killed at east capitol expressway and seven trees boulevard this morning. police have not given a description of the vehicle. let's check the forecast with lawrence. >> low clouds and fog are back. have moved further onshore and that means a sea breeze is kicking in and our temperatures are going to start to cool off. out the door we go. we have some clouds over san francisco. thick enough we have seen some drizzle around the bay area
8:56 am
along the peninsula and toward the coastline. toward the afternoon the fog is going to break up leaving behind lots of sunshine inside the bay and the valleys where you will find mild temperatures. about 79 in fremont today. 81 in san jose. 70 degrees in san francisco. but out toward the coastline, we are looking at those temperatures mainly in the 60s. still warmer weather in the valleys up into the 80s. next couple of days, that ridge of high pressure kind of scooting out of the way. in fact, we have an area of low pressure that will come in our direction on friday. that will deepen the marine layer bringing more low clouds and fog to the bay area and cool down our temperatures friday into saturday. then maybe slow warming fair weather sunday and monday. we're going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we come back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning san mateo county two separate problems slowing down the commute. still no good news, unfortunately, if you are traveling eastbound 92. that overturned rig is still there and they still have one- way traffic control in effect. there was a bunch of gravel spilled in the road, as well. so they are saying to expect major delays in both directions. also traffic continues to back up on the san mateo bridge. it's because of an earlier accident approaching alameda traffic backing up to the high- rise pushing toward the flat section.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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